Information collected

MusicBox does not collect any information from you. All data you add is stored on your device, and synced to your private iCloud account.


MusicBox uses TelemetryDeck for analytics. Any data sent to TelemetryDesk is anonymous, and not associated with you or your personal data. The goal is to better understand how people use the app. In other words, we don’t track specific users, only anonymized general behavior. Here's a link to TelemetryDeck’s own privacy policy.

Accessing, changing, or deleting your information

As all data is stored locally on your device, deleting the app will delete the data. You can also access your private iCloud account to delete any data that was synced there.

Your Consent

By using our app, you consent to our privacy policy.

Contacting Us

If you have questions regarding this privacy policy, you may email