MusicSmart Press Kit

About MusicSmart

MusicSmart finds liner notes and credits for albums, songs, and artists, so you can gain insights into the creative process behind your favorite music.

It aggregates music knowledge from various sources into a powerful and easy-to-use app. MusicSmart goes even beyond traditional liner notes by offering features such as Smart Sections and Roles/Instruments Insights.

You can navigate the catalog from within the main app or use a handy Action Extension from Music or Spotify to read the details about any song. Shazam is also available, so you can access liner notes and learn more about songs playing around you.

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Core Features

  • Smart Sections: Automatically groups credits by their category in the song creation process and ensures they follow a logical order, making it easier to read and understand who contributed to each aspect of the song.
  • Roles and Instruments Insights: Comprehensive insights into each role and instrument used in a song. For example, what is a Producer or Mixing Engineer?
  • Samples, Interpolations, and more: Discover related musical compositions that have been used in the creation of a song through techniques like sampling, interpolation, and more.
  • Continuous Mode: Automatically shows liner notes and credits for the currently playing song.
  • Shazam: Shows liner notes and credits for songs playing around you.
  • Action Extension: Use MusicSmart directly from Apple Music or Spotify.
  • Artist Profile: Know their popular songs, movies and TV shows they appeared on, links to social network profiles, biography, and more.
  • Podcast Episodes: Find podcast episodes that mentioned a specific song.
  • Music Library Integration: Connect your Apple Music or Spotify account to easily get liner notes and credits for albums in your music library.
  • App Shortcuts: Build automated workflows using MusicSmart's actions to find liner notes and credits.
  • Inteactive Widgets: Quickly access MusicSmart from your Home Screen and Lock Screen.
  • Mac and Apple TV: MusicSmart is also available on the Mac and Apple TV as a Universal App.


MusicSmart relies on multiple online sources and databases to find liner notes and credits, so the number of details available may vary for each song Some of the available details are:

  • Description: Information about the recording process, the backstory behind the song, artists, etc.
  • Songwriting and Composition: Composer, Arranger, Producer, and more.
  • Performance and Recording: Vocals, Performer, Programmer, Engineers, Editor, and more.
  • Marketing and Distribution: A&R, Publishers, Distributors, and more.
  • Business: Labels, Copyright, and more.
  • Visuals: Director, Cinematographer, Designer, Visualizer, and more.
  • Locations: Recorded At, Mixed At, Mastered At, and more.
  • Instruments: Drums, Shakers, Strings, Guitars, Keyboards, and more.


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Apple TV

Price and Availability

MusicSmart is free to download on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. You can experience the app's full feature set with up to five songs at no cost. After that, a subscription to MusicSmart Premium is required to continue using the app. The pricing for each MusicSmart Premium plan is detailed below:

Monthly: $1.99/mo

Annual: $9.99/yr

Lifetime: $19.99 (single purchase)

MusicSmart requires iOS/iPadOS 16, macOS Ventura, and tvOS 17.

Release Date

May 19, 2020.


Don't hesitate to reach out via email with any questions you may have.