Screenshot of MusicHarbor feed of music releases


Keeping up with the latest releases from your favorite artists has never been so easy. With MusicHarbor you can follow artists closely and be the first to know about new albums, singles and EP's.

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Press kit
Screenshot of CNA GO chat view

OMNI Banco

A new app for customers to open a digital checking account on OMNI bank.

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Screenshot of Cofre Virtual Assinador on the documents view

Cofre Virtual Assinador

An app created to manage and sign PDF documents.

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Screenshot of Really Simple Finance listing incomes and expenses

Really Simple Finance

Really Simple Finance was designed to help people keep track of incomes and expenses the easiest way possible. The idea is to add transactions with only a date, description and amount. You can always see a summary on top. There's also a Today View Widget.

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Screenshot of Kiwi Queue feed of new videos

Kiwi Queue

Keep track of new videos from your YouTube subscriptions and save them to watch later. Also, get your feed back to chronological order!

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Screenshot of CNA GO chat view


On this project I was responsible for building the backend of a chat module for an online language-learning platform.

Check it out!

Lightning Talk

Introductory lightning talk about machine learning

Thumbnail of my machine learning Lightning talk

Image classification

Image classification with deep learning and TensorFlow

Mestre dos Códigos

A series of challenges created by DB1 Global Software to evaluate developers on various technologies. I've won the squire pin on java and javascript territories!

Pins that where given to Mestre dos Códigos winners

Onboarding iOS

Creating onboarding with UICollectionView and Storyboard